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About me…

Well, I typically like to express more visually then verbally.
However, a message I would like to pass along came from a portrait story I photographed in Northern Cali where I had the great opportunity to work with a close friend who is also a talented writer for the story. I still have the tear sheet above my desk and like to read this piece from time to time:

“Freedom, it‘s the ultimate goal right? Yet, it is always right there in front of us; at the beginning and end of every road, of any path, trail, voyage, inhale, and exhale. It is at every turn, and everywhere else too. A chance to embrace it is at every moment.

When we realize we are free, no, REALLY REALLY free, that we are the creators of our universe, that we can be as free as we choose to be, well hey, that’s one hell of a turning point.

This idea is difficult for many to accept; the totality of its implications out of reach for some to even comprehend. However, there are countless examples and success stories that prove this theory to be workable time and time again. Once this truth is accepted and utilized it is a fantastically fun tool to put into play. lt opens up all the limitless possibilities that this dreamtime has to offer.

In Just one quick flicker in the grand cosmic spectrum and this lifetime’s done. One wink and this is all over. So how is it that countless spend their entire lifetime doing work that doesn’t make them happy, being in relationships that only cause them misery, living in places that they find boring or exhausting, living a life that is just not fulfilling? How is it that so many spend their life daydreaming and wishing instead of experiencing? Not that time can ever be wasted but it can be spent in mundane ways that doesn’t serve anyone or anything else either (ie. the world at large). When one adjusts their life into better alignment with their dreams and true wishes, it is hard to return to an unsatisfactory existence. One easily gets addicted to the lightness of the unbeatable priceless high one receives in exchange for living their ultimate truths. Best of all it comes at no cost. There are however ecstatic consequences to deal with. One must be prepared to be blessed and blissed out of mind.

If one is not ready to be exquisitely happy about life, then by all means they should keep living somewhere that doesn’t please them, stay in that relationship that bores or abuses them, keep dreading all those hours doing activities that give no thrills so that feelings of “safety” and “responsibility” and “success” and being “happy enough” can prevail. If one is ready then beginning today is most optimal. There is no need to wait any longer. Each of us has unique gifts to offer that no one else in this world can offer in exactly the same way. There is no better time to share them than right now. With every breath, inhale, and exhale, there is an opportunity to start all over again. On every inhale one can be reborn a million times over and on the exhale one can let go of anything that is no longer being of service. Each and every moment a new person is birthed, a new version of the old you which is really just a copy of the same person you have always been. In each moment one can make new choices and fall deeper and deeper in love with life and shine brighter and brighter and in turn help this world shine brighter which will only help make all of existence brighter which will create a happier world and everyone in it will be happier and brighter too.

May everyone realize that we are co-creators of the Universe we share and play in.

May all realize the responsibilities that we have, to not only each other and ourselves, but also to all the future generations yet to come who want to play in this dreamtime too. We must keep the vibrations high, the air clean, the trees tall and green, and the water pure and sweet.

Your life, my life, his life, her life, their life, and those over there, their lives too, are all but a few cosmic blinks. Here’s to more and more and more and more Souls, Individuals, Goddesses, Fellows, Brothers. Sisters, Mammas, Papas, Children. Presidents. and Leaders the whole world over, the whole Universe over an infinite number of times over, embracing their willpower for the good of all.

Written by: Hari Gopal”


Below is a bit of a visual of my biography from Architecture school, to working as an Architect, to the 3 years working with / apprenticing photographer Marc Baptiste, to working as a high-end photo retoucher here in NYC, to my own photography work

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